Acceleration of your computer

Windows 8.1 / 10: Banish advertising from the Start menu

To the chagrin of many users, the search feature of Windows 8.1 displays ads. This is annoying with Windows 10 as well. The COMPUTER BILD tutorials help. If you do not immediately find a specific file or software, use the Windows search function for the call. Microsoft noticeably improved the system search in Windows 8.1: […]

PC Cleaning Programs

Registry Cleaner in the test: Which is the best?

Is the popular CCleaner the tool of choice? Is free of charge worse than payment software? COMPUTER BILD has 35Tools tested – the top dog is knocked off in midfield! As the intrinsic values of Windows count, many users resort to special cleanup programs: they complete inaccurate uninstallations by subsequent digital wash. Since removal routines […]

Acceleration of your computer

Removing Toolbars: That’s how it works – and why that’s almost superfluous

Anyone who has captured a toolbar, get help here: COMPUTER BILD guides you through the deinstallation – and gives tips to avoid unwanted software. Toolbars no longer threaten browsers – it’s a software species that’s almost extinct. Users often bothered by the toolbars pushed in during program installations. In a recent release of Firefox, you […]

Acceleration of your computer

Illuminate PC: Hardly known task manager alternatives

If your Windows lames, this is mostly due to secretly running background software. With hidden Windows on-board means you can easily find the biggest brake pads. Windows PCs are becoming increasingly sluggish over time. Frequently invisible programs are the cause. If your computer reacts only cumbersome, you should get to the bottom of the matter […]

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